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Free Ag Business Seminar 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 @ 1:30

Meeting in the big white tent on the 180 acres at

31916 Seven Mile Lane SE, Tangent, OR

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Ever feel like you are alone and no one can relate to issues you have in your Agri Business?  We have great news, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  God is faithful and promises us that He is always with us and is for us.  In fact we believe that He never intended us to be an island.  This round table seminar/discussion will be with fellow Ag Leaders and we will talk about how we can not just put a fish on our card, but how we can practically incorporate the word of God in our daily business and allow God to lead us and grow successful businesses for HIS GLORY.  

The workshop will be lead by Don Hoover (President of Binkley & Hurst) a 5 store Agco dealership in PA.  Don would describe himself as simply a journeyman Jesus Follower, an will encourage us and remind us that we are called to marketplace ministries.  Here is a link an organization he is deeply involved in called Business Community Network

You will also be encouraged to share your stories and ask questions.  The end goal is like you see in the logo above: Growing your produce crops/fruit that will Feed His Sheep...and to build and seek God's Kingdom First.  

Please sign up below and if you are unable to attend in person we will be broadcasting this live on Facebook at this link 

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If you are in an Ag Business you wont want to miss this event

Interact with other Ag Business Leaders that have a desire to be successful in order to build the Kingdom of God.  Please sign up below if you are planning to attend:

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